Reflecting on the gains and pains of South Africa’s TRC A dialogue between Sarah Malotane Henkeman and Undine Whande

Global Africa: Into the Twenty-First Century By Dorothy Hodgson, Judith Byfield, 2017

The conversation about ‘truth’ and ‘reconciliation’ you read here started about nineteen years ago, in a backroom at the Centre for Conflict Resolution (CCR) and at U Managing Conflict (UMAC) in South Africa. This was a time when the two dialogue partners were mostly swimming along the tide of euphoria and enthusiasm that swept the country after the free and fair elections of 1994. Two peacebuilders who had witnessed and engaged the TRC close-up: Sarah was then full-time employee/part-time student, descendant of a mix of colonised, enslaved and oppressed people; oppressed during her own lifespan until 1994 when she was in her thirties, married and had two young children. Undine was a 23-year old white youngster who had engaged in the German anti-apartheid movement and arrived bright-eyed and bushytailed from abroad to ‘see’ and take part in the ‘miracle’. Both felt privileged to be part of building a new era. The conversation invites the reader into the journey they travelled, within and alongside the TRC’s process over nearly two decades, and shares some of today’s (2016) concerns and potentials for truth, justice and peace in South Africa

Published chapter can be found here.

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